Posts random Morrowind quotes to Mastodon
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import sys
import os.path as op
# --------------------------------------------------
'[PC Guild Rank]\nLike in \"[PC Guild Rank], what can be said. We are the few, the proud, the ... under-paid! HarHarHar!\"':
'[PC Guild Rank]',
'[Speaker\'s Name]\nLike in \"But perhaps [Speaker\'s Name] should not speak about this in public. And who would listen, anyway?\"':
'[Speaker\'s Name]',
'[PC Name]\nLike in \"[PC Name]. Once before, Lord Nerevar thought Dagoth Ur and all his kin were dead.\"':
'[PC Name]',
'[PC Race]\nLike in \"I don\'t like you, [PC Race]. You better stay out of this.\"':
'[PC Race]',
'[PC Rank]\nLike in \"What do you want, [PC Rank]?\"':
'[PC Rank]',
'[Next PC Rank]\nLike in "You are now [PC Name] the [Next PC Rank] in the Fighters Guild.\"':
'[Next PC Rank]',
'[Faction]\nLike in \"The [Faction] can forgive your actions this one time only, [PC Rank] [PC Name].\"':
'[Rank]\nLike in \"I\'ve risen to [Rank] rank in this outfit by being smart and careful.\"':
'[Name]\nLike in \"Hello, [PC Name]. I\'m [Name], and I\'m here to clean out this den of Daedra worshippers.\"':
# Replaces [macros] with strings you want
def main():
with open('quotes.dat', 'r', encoding='utf-8') as file:
quotes = file.readlines()
replacer = ''
if (input('Do you want to remove broken strings? y/n ') == 'y'):
quotes.remove('The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind\n')
for quote in quotes:
if (len(quote) < 5 or not quote.strip().endswith('\"') or not quote.strip().startswith('\"')):
for to_print, to_replace in VARIABLES.items():
while not replacer.strip():
replacer = input('\n' + to_print + '\n Input what do you want to replace ' + to_replace + ' with:')
for i, quote in enumerate(quotes):
quotes[i] = quote.replace(to_replace, replacer)
replacer = ''
with open('quotes.dat', 'w', encoding='utf-8') as file:
for quote in quotes:
print(quote, file=file, end='')
if __name__ == '__main__':