Posts music from local storage with optional attachments
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Another bot for posting stuff to your timeline.

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Initial setup

  • Have installed
    • curl
    • jq
    • exiftool
  • Create ./music/ folder
  • In ./music/ folder create separate folders for each release (albums/singles/etc.)
  • In each ./music/*/
    • put music files
    • put a corresponding cover image named 'cover.jpg' to attach together with a music file
    • put a simple file named 'link' and copypaste there a url to corresponding information about the release
  • Edit
    • change instance url from to whatever you have
    • optionally edit status message in the last POST curl
  • Be careful, because by default it is assumed all music has .opus extension. If it is not your case please handle the situation however you need.
  • Now put it to crontab!